One sheet, many stickers, totally customized. A sticker sheet is a single sheet with multiple peel-and-stick stickers. Customizable for logos, branding or personal expression!


Custom sticker sheets vs. kiss cut stickers

We want to make sure you’re in the right place! Custom sticker sheets are multiple different sticker designs on one sheet. Kiss-cut sticker sheets have the same exact sticker design repeated on the page. The page dimensions for sticker sheets are dependent on the stickers within and the customer’s personal preference. The page dimensions for kiss-cut stickers are typically 8.5"x11’’. 

If you’re looking for a bunch of the same stickers on one sheet you need kiss-cut stickers, but don’t worry, we do those too!

a custom sticker makers custom sticker sheet example

"Customize all stickers and the sheet design"



a custom sticker makers custom sticker sheet example

"Customize one sticker design that fills the sheet"

Floppy disk custom sticker sheet by custom sticker makers

Custom Sticker Sheets

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The way your sticker sheet looks is totally up to you!

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colorful smiley face custom sticker sheet by custom sticker makers
cello pieces custom sticker sheet by custom sticker makers

Why Sticker Sheets?

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Unique Custom Sticker Sheets

Not all sticker sheets are made alike. Check out some of the super unique sticker sheets we've printed. When we say completely customized, we mean it!

thumbs up custom sticker sheet

Sticker Sheets With Guidelines

This sticker sheet is full of individually cut stickers as well as a place to provide guidelines on how and when to use the stickers.

This sticker sheet was created by a school administrator. The sheet itself is given to the school staff and the "thumbs up" stickers are given to the students for a job well done.

indian hill resident custom sticker sheet

Sticker Sheets With Just One Sticker

This unique sticker sheet has only one little sticker intended to be peeled and stuck to anything. The outer part of the sticker provided directions and branding. Proof that we can make a sticker sheet any size and shape to make your ideas come to life!

custom sticker sheet variety by custom sticker makers

Sticker Sheets With Subtle Differences

This sticker sheet has the same size and shape stickers throughout the whole page, but with different variations within each sticker. Something like this is more cost effective than printing out multiple different kiss-cut sticker sheets.

Guidelines for Custom Sticker Sheet Design

We're as excited to make your sticker sheets as you are to get them! That's why we've provided a few guidelines to help make this sticker creation process run as smoothly as possible. Of course, if you have specific questions about your design, we're here to help!

Sticker Designs
  • Use as many designs as you like. Sizes, shapes and colors can vary infinitely! Your only restriction is the outer dimension of the sheet.

If You're Designing The Sheet Yourself
  • Make sure you keep enough space in between stickers and on the outer edge of the sticker sheet.
Sheet Design
  • You can choose the size and shape of the outer design of your sticker sheet. This is how the cost of your sticker sheet is determined.

Check With Us Before You Order
  • Let's make sure your design is going to work before you place your order. Our team can offer helpful suggestions and ensure a successful design!

Custom Sticker sheet INFO

Sticker Style Multiple Easy-Peel Stickers
Available Shapes Unlimited! We give a series of shape options for convenience, but we can cut stickers to any shape that size will allow.
Minimum Order Value $50 (+ shipping)
Minimum Size 4"x4" with interior designs being no smaller than 0.25" x 0.25"
Maximum Size 8.5"x11" for online orders. Larger sizes available upon request.
Material 4mil Semi-gloss vinyl
Minimum Quantity That depends on the size of the sticker! $50 is the minimum order amount.
Maximum Quantity Unlimited!
Fulfilment 2 weeks standard. We offer 9, 6 or even 3 day rush orders if you're in a hurry*
Shipping UPS shipment: 3 day, 2 day or overnight shipping available.

Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions about our custom sticker sheets

The smallest sticker sheet we offer is 4"x4", and the sticker design inside can be no smaller than a quarter inch

If you have something you would like us to color match, please send a physical example of the color. It will allow us to get as close as possible.

Yes, we can handle your graphic design. Please Contact Us and tell us exactly what you need.

We print using 300 DPI images. Most web images are 72 DPI and look clean, but it does not translate well for our printers.