Your custom design,cut into a sticker with precision. This is the cut you want when you have one awesome design in mind.




Let's Make Sure You're In The Right Place!

If you want custom contoured sticker shapes and designs smaller than 4in², head over to our kiss-cut order page. Anything bigger than that, you're in the right place! If you're not sure, give us a call and we'll help you order exactly what you need.

die-cut stickers by custom sticker makers

What Are Die Cut Stickers?

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Die-cut sticker from Custom Sticker Makers

Like all of our custom made stickers, the way you use your stickers is totally up to you! But here are some ways our clients have used their custom die-cut stickers:

  1. Product Packaging & Labeling: Create brand recognition with your unique logo and other relevant branding images. Stick these to your product containers, packaging, shipping labels and more!
  2. Promotional Materials: Die-cut stickers make great free hand-outs! Include your stickers in product packages, hand them out at events or leave them at the door of your shop for folks to take with as they go.
  3. Merchandising: Our die-cut stickers are definitely re-sale worthy! Give your customers an option to rock your branded cut out stickers for an added cost.
  4. Office Decor: Die-cut stickers can be made to the size and dimension of your choice with precision accuracy, so they're the perfect choice if you want to decorate your office, showroom or front door with your unique stickers.
  5. Fun Hand-Outs: Create fun and unique party favors for birthdays, weddings, baby showers and more!

Whether your stickers are going into shipment boxes or you're slapping them on every surface in your shop, with Custom Sticker Makers' die-cut stickers you're going to see the difference in the details. High quality printing and precise cutting means you're going to get the exact design you want to stick exactly where you want it.

Need to get your stickers even faster? Rush delivery available!

"love wins" die-cut sticker from Custom Sticker Makers

Why Die Cut Stickers?

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Guidelines For Custom Die Cut Sticker Design

Some tips to help you design your perfect custom die-cut sticker.

Sticker Design
  • Stickers need to be larger than 4in². If your stickers are smaller than that, head to the kiss-cut order page. Use as many colors as you like and feel free to make your design as funky as you desire! We can cut an obscure shape just as easily as we can cut a circle or square!

Easy Peel
  • For an extra cost, we can make your die-cut stickers easier to peel. We add an extra outer lip to the sticker rather than a back slit. Contact us for more info on making your stickers even easier to peel!
Border or Bleed?
  • It's up to you if you want your sticker to have a border around the design or if you want the colors of the contoured sticker to "bleed" right to the edge of the cut. Not sure what will work best? We're happy to help!

Check With Us Before You Order
  • Let's make sure your design is going to work before you place your order. Our team can offer helpful suggestions and ensure a successful design!

Custom Die-Cut Sticker INFO

Sticker Style Die-cut or Cut-Out Stickers
Available Shapes Any shape! We can cut the basics like circles and squares but we can just as easily cut your custom design no matter how funky.
Minimum Order Value $50 (+ shipping)
Minimum Size 4in² - anything smaller head to our kiss-cut order page.
Maximum Size If you need something huge, let us know!
Material 4mil Semi-gloss vinyl
Minimum Quantity That depends on the size of the sticker! $50 is the minimum order amount.
Maximum Quantity Unlimited!
Fulfilment 2 weeks standard. We offer 9, 6 or even 3 day rush orders if you're in a hurry*
Shipping UPS shipment: 3 day, 2 day or overnight shipping available.

Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions about our custom die-cut stickers.

The smallest cut-out sticker we offer is 4in², and the sticker design inside can be no smaller than a quarter inch

If you have something you would like us to color match, please send a physical example of the color. It will allow us to get as close as possible.

Yes, we can handle your graphic design. Please Contact Us and tell us exactly what you need.

We print using 300 DPI images. Most web images are 72 DPI and look clean, but it does not translate well for our printers.