Using Stickers at Your Local Farmer’s Market

Using Stickers at Your Local Farmer’s Market

Custom Stickers and Labels for Small Batch Food Vendors

Your logos & labels: custom made to stick just about anywhere.

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If you’ve got a sweet side-hustle (or main-hustle) where you’re mixing, cooking, pickling, pressing or baking, you need original and purposeful stickers for your products. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. At Custom Sticker Makers, we’re all about helping small businesses gain visibility through custom stickers and labels. 

We want you to have awesome looking and high-quality stickers and labels for your products. 

Think about your favorite snacks, sauces or baked goods. Not only do the delicious flavors come to mind, but you can likely remember certain aspects of their logo and packaging. We want to help you create a product that is as recognizable as it is delicious (that part is on you). As a small business, we know how important it is to stand out, so we want to help you stand out with stickers!


Ways some people have used Custom Sticker Makers for their products and small businesses:

  • Logo stickers to sell alongside the actual products

  • Ingredient labels for drinks, dips and sauces

  • Branded stickers to seal things like bread bags, paper sacks of cookies, or baggies of chips

  • Custom cutout text stickers

  • Business slogan bumper stickers

  • QR code stickers so people can quickly find you online

This is just our short list. Read on to find more ways you can use custom stickers to show off your business, product or service!

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Stickers for Your Tasty Small Batch, Handmade and Artisanal Goods

Whether you’re selling your products in a local general store or at a farmer’s market, make sure your labels make you stand out from the rest. Give your products a recognizable look with clear labeling and beautiful branding for all of your packaging.

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Say goodbye to your Sharpie Marker. If you’re still labeling your delicious goodies by hand, we can help. Not only will custom stickers for your products streamline your labeling process, it’s going to give your products brand recognition and a more professional look.

Toss the tape. If you’re selling scrumptious snacks that come in small bags and you’re sealing them with tape instead of a branded sticker, you’re missing an awesome marketing opportunity. Keep the baggies closed tight with branded stickers that identify the product, show off your brand and STICK! Custom Sticker Makers can cut stickers that will stick to most materials, so no matter what type of baggie you’re filling with snacks, you’ll know they’ll be staying sealed.

Things taste better when they look better. Okay, this might not be scientifically proven, but there has to be some truth to this. We’re sure your cookies in a plain container are probably delicious, imagine how much more appealing they would be if each container had your logo stuck to it? And we fully believe that you can tell a customer every ingredient in your secret barbecue sauce without looking at a cheat sheet, but why not list those ingredients on branded, uniform stickers for every jar of sauce that you sell? When people recognize your branded stickers on the snacks and sauces they love, it makes their decision making process a lot quicker.

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Delicious drinks don’t belong in blank bottles. With custom labeling from Custom Sticker Makers, you’ll make your drinks more recognizable and desirable all while keeping your customers informed on what’s inside each bottle. We can cut stickers of any shape to perfectly fit on the most oddly shaped bottles:

  • Custom craft beer labels
  • Small-batch wine labels
  • Unique kombucha stickers
  • Cider labels
  • Pressed juice stickers

Barcode stickers to keep you organized. Not all stickers are made for beauty. Some of the stickers we make, like QR code stickers, barcode stickers and other labels for “in-house-use” are meant to help keep you organized and running smoothly.

You and your delicious goods deserve quality labeling and love no matter where you’re selling them or how often. Custom Sticker Makers can help you create the best stickers and labels for all of your needs.

As A Local Small Business, We Love Seeing Other Small Businesses Succeed Too

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We’re a small local sticker shop and we’re always rooting for other locals and small businesses to succeed in whatever endeavor they’re pursuing. Even if you’re an accountant during the week but an expert baker on the weekends, your products deserve to shine! We can help you create beautiful labeling to match everything you have to offer. If you’ve got ideas in mind already, you can start your sticker order here. If you need a little guidance on how to get started, let us know! We’re happy to help.

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