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The holidays are upon us and Oli’s picks have just arrived just in time for some great stocking stuffers!


Each month, Oli, our retail sticker designer, chooses a handful of his favorite designs and shares his inspiration behind them.


As a creator, artist and designer, it's essential for Oli to have a medium that effectively communicates his creativity. For him, one way to do that is through graphic art printed as stickers. Here's what he has to say about his creative process:


“Stickers are a great medium for me to express my ideas and symbols. I love the custom die-cut shape; they really add a dimension to many of the concepts I work with. Most of my designs have been inspired by quotes. I’ll run into a quote and it’ll open so many other doors and the ideas just start flowing." -Oli Delcor


Oli's process is unique to him. But we've also found that it's shared with the many business owners, artists, and organizations that we come into contact with.


Each logo and sticker idea that comes through our shop has its own unique story, and that's the real excitement of doing what we do--connecting with others to make their design ideas a reality.


As printers, we understand that with our freedoms we have been given the serious responsibility of upholding the First Amendment to the Constitution. That means we're resolved to lend a hand to anyone who has an idea and wants to share it!


If you’d like to see some of Oli’s picks  for 2017, you can find them below!


Alaskan Moose:

Edgar Allen Poe Raven:

Coffee Power:

Ride On Horseshoe:


Also, you can  browse more great stocking stuffers like the ones above by visiting our Etsy retail store.


From all of us at Custom Sticker Makers, happy holidays!


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