The Kayak Militia: No rules, no dues, no meetings, just good times.

kayak militia

Some of the local kayak anglers in the Tri-Cities region of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee have created a small, but growing fishing club they call the Kayak Militia. The first of it's kind in the area, is more than just a forum site for kayak anglers, it also offers a no-pressure way for kayak fishermen in the area to meet new friends, fishing partners, and swap fishing stories and photos, and, of course….tell fishing lies.
We recently printed some awesome stickers for their club. With a modified Jolly Roger as their logo, they prove that black and white stickers are definitely NOT boring! These stickers are used as a marketing tool to get their name out to folks who may be interested in joining the club, and in our opinion, they look just plain cool!

Check them out online and keep your eyes open for their awesome stickers next time you're on the river!


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