Take Your Etsy Game to the Next Level with Custom Printed Labels

Blog posts Take Your Etsy Game to the Next Level with Custom Printed Labels

You’ve worked your butt off making a wonderful handmade product, built your Etsy shop, and uploaded beautiful product photos to your listings . . .  but people aren’t buying your stuff. Now what?

Etsy is a wonderfully diverse marketplace for artists to share their handmade treasures with the world. Anyone with an internet connection, a camera, and a hobby can make an Etsy store. The problem with that is it creates crazy competition. Everyone and their brother can make homemade sugar scrubs or crocheted beanies, so how do you get yours to stand out? Many people don’t realize that an Etsy store is actually a small business, which means that you need to create a consistent personal brand to move ahead and sell your goods, even if you’re not a full-time crafter. That’s where custom printed labels come in.

Many people who have an Etsy store do not have a very large budget to spend on marketing because it’s hard enough to find the money for your crafting supplies! Don’t worry. Custom printed labels are an easy way to make your products look high quality and professional without spending a ton of money. Slap a sticker with your store name and a unique image on your packaging and feature it in your icon, banner, and in your listing photos and suddenly you have a professional image with minimal effort!

Because Etsy is entirely online, customers can’t accurately judge the quality of an item, so they rely entirely on visual cues. Custom printed labels show your customers that you take pride in your work. Visit it our Etsy store for more!

If you've got a great design drawn out or just sitting in photoshop, we'd love to see it! Upload your artwork now.

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