Sticker Spotlight: Larry’s Beans

Larry's Beans

What's so great about Larry's Beans (other than the cute name)?

  1. Supporting Fair Trade farmers
  2. Supporting our planet
  3. Supporting your coffee fix

What more could you ask for in your cup of joe every morning? How about great tasting blends and roasts?

One of Larry's Beans' most unique qualities is that they blend coffee beans from all over the world to create a special flavor not found in other coffee shops. The Cowboy Blend, for example, Larry's most popular, is a blend of American, Indonesian, Nicaraguan, and Sumatran coffees. Perfect roasting methods make it just dark enough, without losing the spicy, smoky flavor.


All of Larry's Beans' facilities are "green-o-vated," meaning they use passive solar construction, active solar systems, radiant floors, zoned heating, composting, and rainwater harvesting to minimize their impact on this awesome planet.

Parts of the proceeds of many of the coffees and teas sold at Larry's Beans are donated to various nonprofits and social organizations. From sales of Bad Kitty Blend, one of the "Rock Star Blends," 15% is given to InterAct, an organization assisting victims of domestic violence. Save the world while having your morning coffee? Check.


For printing of their coffee man logo stickers, Larry's Beans sticks with Custom Sticker Makers.

We like to surprise our customers with little treats here and there, sneaking fun things into their order just for the joy of getting something you weren't expecting.  This dancing mascot sticker was one of those treats.

- Kyley at Larry's Beans

They chose to go with Custom Sticker Makers because they wanted a certain adhesive and a durable custom vinyl sticker, both of which were provided at a great price. They especially appreciate that they were able to work with a real person over the phone to get exactly what they wanted.

To learn more about Larry's Beans and order a bag (or 3!) for yourself, visit them at

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