Save the Date Stickers

Custom Sticker Makers 'save the date' stickers

One of the first things that has to be decided on when planning a wedding is picking a date. Some prefer a summer wedding, others fall, and some pick a date because it’s already important in their lives. Once that matter’s been settled, it’s time to send “Save the Date” notices!

If you’re getting married in a common time between late spring and early fall, you may find yourself competing with other weddings, making your Save the Date’s important to ensure you have your friends and family in attendance. You also want these to speak to you and your wedding nicely, with a design that will be unique and stick with your guests. A great way to accomplish this is by using custom stickers! With a kiss cut sticker, you can create beautiful custom stickers for people to stick straight on their calendar as an easy save the date. Kiss cuts allows the material the sticker is on to be a larger design on the outside, so you can create custom stickers that would look as elegant and wonderful as any other save the date, with the added bonus of an efficient way to add it to the calendar included.

With, making your unique and efficient save the dates is as easy as uploading your design, picking the shape and cut, and waiting for their delivery. With our custom stickers, you won’t have to worry about whether your save the date will stick in people’s minds, because it’ll stick on their calendars, too.

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