Promotional Marketing 2015: Give ‘Em Something To Talk About

Promotional Marketing

As we dive into 2015, it's natural to be thinking about how this year is going to be better... more productive, more intentional, and yes, more lucrative. Of course, factoring branding and promotional marketing into the mix might not be what initially comes to mind, but it's probably one of the most important activities you can do to get noticed and consequently, stay on top of your consumer's mind at their critical decision making junctures.

You're Already Doing It

As much as marketing can seem like a daunting (and expensive) facet to growing your business, chances are high that even at the base level, you're already engaging in various activities that help you achieve your goals. Indeed, there are a host of ways to market, some of which are effective and thus, you keep doing, and others that can all but drain any hope of seeing a favorable return.

As a small business owner, it's easy to be weary of all the hype and claims, however, being the optimist you are, you've also got your radar set at a place that when you hear of effective and free or inexpensive ways to advertise your business, your ears perk up.

Word-of-Mouth Trumps All

If you're good at what you do, word-of-mouth advertising is, by far, one of the best ways you're growing your business since nothing beats a favorable testimony from a trusted source. That being the case, you could offer your customers a little nudge and really give them something to talk about...

Enter: Custom Stickers

Ready to get the word out about your business in a big way? By equipping your customer with an awesome custom decal of your brand, you can, at some level, essentially control, and therefore complement and contribute to your customer's testimony. What's more, your customer doesn't even have to say a word. If you provide an exceptional service or product, chances are high your customers will be more than happy to place a custom decal on their car, notebook or any other medium they see fit.

Make Your Brand Stick

Custom stickers are a low-cost and highly versatile way to promote your business image. In fact, when done right, they can easily provide a perception that your brand has gained an even more widespread approval than what the (temporary) reality may be. This is a facet of word-of-mouth advertising that not only gets your brand seen on a large scale, but also provides a level of high level of credibility to your goods and/or services. Moreover, you can only go wrong if you go cheap. Invest a little more in your stickers (design and quality) and everything you use them on becomes a traveling (and compelling) advertisement of your unique brand.

Granted, we admit we're biased here, but we've got a good reason. We're in the sticker printing business because we know what a fantastic medium it is; the versatility that custom stickers offers is unmatched, the investment is small and the potential for return is huge. If you'd like to promote word-of-mouth advertising of your business with the highest quality custom stickers online, we invite you to get started today and give your customers something to talk about!

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