Profitable School Fundraising Ideas: Custom School Pride Stickers and Decals Work!

School fundraising stickers - custom sticker makers

Consider us biased (no, really), ;-)   but based upon our own personal experiences, as well as countless others who will attest, custom stickers have a timeless lure that is universal in nature. More specifically then, when it comes to profitable school fundraising ideas, who doesn't love the idea of cool custom decal(s) to display your school pride?

School Pride+Custom Stickers=Profitable School Fundraising

When it comes to profitable school fundraising ideas, there's a plethora of ideas to spark your imagination; bake sales, bingo, gift cards, car washes and the like. When it comes to kids and their families however, you've got to understand what inspires them. By tapping into something your students and families are already invested in i.e. their school or school club, by selling school pride stickers, you're not only (almost effortlessly) raising much needed funds, you're eliciting a sense of loyalty that most students and their families already absolutely want to support.

Consider the Possibilities.

If you want to inspire your students to participate in your school fund-raising efforts, you should equip them with something that sells. Custom stickers are a VERY cost-effective tool to achieve just that. Consider this. An order of 3″ by 3″ circle custom vinyl stickers cost $171 for 500. If you were to sell each sticker for just $2-$3 each, your revenue would be $800-$1,300. Or consider this possible scenario. A 10" x 2" bumper sticker at a quantity of 500 would cost $380. IF you sold each of those at only $4 - $5 each, you would see a profit of $1600-$2100. How's that for a good return on investment? Think that's possible? We definitely think YES!

Can We Help?

Here at Custom Sticker Makers, we’re here to help you bring your ideas to reality! Our Custom Stickers are a high quality, low-cost way to express your ideas and we’re here to support you in your goals! Design your custom stickers and we’ll do the rest! Need Help? Contact Us Today!

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