Personalized Wedding Stickers and Labels: A Memorable Touch

Personalized Wedding Stickers and Labels: A Memorable Touch


When planning a wedding, memorable details make all the difference. Custom wedding stickers add flair to weddings and commitment ceremonies with minimal expense and can be utilized in a number of ways. Learn how savvy planners can put personalized wedding stickers and labels to use in creating a uniquely memorable event.

Custom Wedding Stickers: Memorable and Unique Ideas That Add A Personal Touch

When it comes to wedding planning, personalized details make all the difference. Unique wedding vows, unusual flowers, the perfect wedding favors—all elements that can serve to make your wedding unique and ensure that it will remain in your guests’ memories for years to come.

Versatility Matters!

Personalized Wedding stickers and labels are an increasingly popular way to achieve the personal touch without spending a lot of extra time or money. Custom wedding labels can be used in a number of different ways, and can help to create a unique “look” throughout your event.

Like refrigerator magnets, wedding stickers make great “save the date” reminders—unlike refrigerator magnets, they can go just about anywhere. Depending on the size you choose, they can also go directly onto calendars and day planners, giving your guests an easy way to remember your upcoming special day.


Custom wedding labels are also often used on wine bottles. Because you can put anything you like on them—including your photo, a special hand-drawn design, the exact colors of your wedding party, etc.—they’re often a more personal choice than the stock images offered by companies selling the wine. In addition to adding “wow” factor to your big day, empty wedding bottles make great souvenirs.

Another popular use of wedding stickers is on table assignments and wedding programs. This offers the appearance of high-end, full color printing without the expense, and helps to create a consistent look throughout the event.

As wedding favors are increasingly popular, wedding stickers also offer a convenient way to personalize favor boxes and bags without time-consuming flourishes like ribbons and bows. They can also offer a special message for your guests—“Thanks for being here on our special day!” or “With love, from [your names]”—that helps to express the sentiments behind your special gift.

Your Custom Design vs. The One Stop Shop

There are currently many different companies that offer a pre-set selection of custom wedding sticker designs. These companies also tend to offer a variety of other wedding supplies, including favor boxes and programs, making them a “one stop shop.” The only drawback however, is that these types of services don’t offer fully customized wedding stickers, and they tend to be expensive.

For these reasons, working directly with companies that print custom stickers online is an increasingly popular option. Being fully custom means that you can actually design the stickers yourself, rather than simply changing the text of a preset wedding sticker design, and a number of companies also offer the unique option of die-cuts or contour cuts that follow the outline of your design. Custom sticker makers online also tend to offer the best deal in terms of pricing, as there’s no retail mark-up to account for.

Photographs, hand-drawn illustrations, or images created in Photoshop or Illustrator are all great options for custom wedding stickers. If you don’t have access to a graphic design program on your computer, a number of services are now available over the Web. More information on designing custom stickers is available here.

With a little creativity and foresight, your custom wedding stickers will add a unique and personal touch to your big day.

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