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At some point in all of our lives, most of us have either had, or have, that one special pet that really becomes more than just an animal, but a part of our family.  While most of us love every creature big and small, and may even have multiple pets at a time, the big question has always been, are you a dog person or a cat person?

When we recently received an order from OutlawKritters.com, we were really excited to learn more about this awesome company.  Started by our friends at WATTO Distinctive Metal wear, Outlaw Kritters sells unique handmade items and donates a portion of all proceeds to different animal charities throughout the year.  From key chains to belt buckles, clothing and more, the items found at OutlawKritters.com are as unique and edgy as the people that purchase them!


This May, we are not only offering a 10% discount on any custom sticker order, the first 10 kitty coupons and the first 10 doggy coupons will receive one of Outlaw Kritters handmade keychains, along with some other cool shwag from this awesome company (stickers of course!), and when you use your coupon online, you will be signed up for the Outlaw Kritters newsletter, and they will donate $1 to their current charity, Pima Paws for Life.  This is an Arizona based animal rescue who's goal is to create Southern Arizona's largest adoption guarantee animal shelter.  We hope that you order today to help out this great cause.  It really is a win win for everyone!


So now's  your chance to get your custom stickers at a discounted rate, get cool gifts from OutlawKritters.com and help us solve the mystery of who rules the roost....cats or dogs...all while benefiting those little kritters we all love so much!

The cats rule here at CSM, so the question is....Are you an Outlaw Kitty or are you an Outlaw Doggy?  We want to know!


Be one of the first 10 people to use the coupon below to get the Outlaw Kitty key chain!

Use coupon code: Kitty10


  Be one of the first 10 people to use the coupon below to get the Outlaw Doggy key chain!

Use coupon code: Doggy10


Learn more about the other unique items WATTO creates by reading our previous blog feature! https://customstickermakers.com/blogs/sticker-blog/customer-profile-watto-distinctive-metal-wear

Check out Outlaw Kritters online @ https://outlawkritters.com/


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