Make Custom Stickers for Your Cause

Make Custom Stickers for Your Cause

Make custom stickers spread the word and tell others about your unique cause! When you feel passionate about a group or a cause you also know that what you have to share can help change lives. Many of us have some cause or group we would like to raise money and awareness for.

To do that, finding a creative, professional, and approachable method for showing that cause, group, or event off to others is critical. Using part of your marketing budget to make custom stickers is a great option. They are not only affordable and easy, but you can even make money doing it!

Here's a great example: you have a community group for kids and you need to raise money for new equipment.  In order to do so, you order custom stickers for your organization at a cost of $171 for 500 high-quality, full color stickers. If you then sold each sticker for $3 through a fundraiser or community event, the group could earn $1,300 for the kids! Awesome!

Make Custom Stickers Work For You!

This is just one example of how sticker sales can work as a wonderful fund raising option. If you're going to invest money into buying or making something to use in a fundraiser, it's a good idea to consider custom stickers. They are fun, innovative, and have a great return on investment. For help with all of your custom sticker needs, is here and ready to help.

If you've got a great design drawn out or just sitting in photoshop, we'd love to see it! Upload your artwork now.

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