Keep The Library Free! Library Postcard Project

Keep the library free!

The public library has become a foundation of healthy, happy communities from coast to coast ever since the vision of Andrew Carnegie blossomed at the turn of the last century. Budget cuts mean many things for a town like Prescott, but they should never mean reducing the services, hours, and ease of access to a local public library. Continued free access to our treasured Prescott Public Library for every community member is why we support the local Library Postcard Project.

If you haven't heard, the Library Postcard Project aims to collect 10,000 postcards that will be delivered to The Prescott City Council. The goal of the project is to have locals write a personal note to council members asking them to keep library services at the forefront when making difficult budget decisions.

Sound like something you'd like to support? Check out The Project's Facebook Page Here.

With the project well underway, council members like Billie Orr are receiving thousands of postcards from concerned residents; to which she's replied: “It would be such a disappointment if the library didn’t remain free.”

We at Custom Sticker Makers are supporting the Prescott Public Library and the Library Postcard Project with our 'Keep The Library Free' sticker campaign. We've teamed up with Barry Barbe, who's spearheading The Project, to amplify his message and spread this idea out into the community in a larger and more permanent way.

This campaign gives local residents another way to show their support of the library while also spreading their message out into the community by visually making a statement with these FREE stickers.

If you'd like to support the cause of the Library Postcard Project, let us know by sending us a message, or, stop by El Gato Azul, Peregrine Books or Custom Sticker Makers when you're in Prescott.

These 'small town issues' are the ones that collectively create our larger national culture. When sacrifices need to be made at a local level it's so important that we stand united in support of our local establishments and let our collective voice be heard--because what happens in our town today is what shapes our America tomorrow.

We encourage you to get involved in our awesome community. Prescott is home to a unique population of artists, creatives, and business owners who are shaping the future with the things they create. Let's stand up together in support of our future. Let's not let budget cuts compromise what we've worked hard to build in our growing community.

Prescott eNews did a great article on the project recently, including an interview with Barry Barbe that you can see here.




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