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Con Tact Caffeine


Question: Are you of the millions that relies on a jolt to start your day?

In our fast-paced society, coffee is, hands-down, one of our most beloved beverages - largely because of the stimulating benefits it provides to those who partake of what many fondly refer to as, black gold. In fact, we're willing to admit, nothing keeps us going or perks us up quite like caffeine. Agree?

So, here's another question for you. Have you ever fantasized about something like, say, caffeine-infused soap? Imagine shuffling your way into your morning shower and getting your caffeine boost right there?  Well, we're excited to tell you, your prayers have not only been heard, they've been hand-crafted and lovingly answered by the folks at ConTact Caffeine.

When you consider that your skin is the largest organ in your body, the benefits begin to make sense and are, in fact, pretty much undeniable. Because caffeine is a water soluble compound, it actually CAN be absorbed through your skin and the benefits can be experienced immediately! Now, couple that with the innovative and fun way they market their soaps, and you'll agree, they've got a winning combination that, understandably, keeps their customers coming back for more.

A Great Product, Coupled With Unique Custom Labels and Collectible Custom Stickers, Creates Happy, Perky and Loyal Customers

ConTact Caffeine knows their audience well and thus, caters to them in ways they appreciate and really enjoy. How so? Well, for starters, not only are all of their 40+ scents caffeine-infused, they also come adorned with unique, custom artwork as their labels. That, in-and-of-itself is super fun, but as an added bonus, they also include collectible vinyl stickers for each of the different varieties they sell, with each and every order! What started out as a great product and idea for custom labels got a whole lot better, simply by offering an inexpensive, unique and fun bonus that appeals to their customer's tastes and appreciation for some of the fun and finer things in life. Like custom, collectible stickers. :) Sounds pretty cool, right?

Want to Be on Top of Your Game?

If you're an adventurer and like to try new things, you'll definitely want to try ConTact Caffeine's soaps. We're super confident you'll get a boost to your day that will put you on top of your game. If you're looking for an idea that sets you apart from your competition, we think custom labels and collectible stickers are a great way to offer added value to your customers. ConTact Caffeine sure agrees and so do their fans!  

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