Increase Your Marketing: Big Stickers, Big Decals and Big Labels

Increase Your Marketing: Big Stickers, Big Decals and Big Labels

Small business owners are increasingly looking for ways to reach more customers and increase cash flow. But the ‘Catch 22’ is that often, by the time a business realizes it needs to invest in marketing, funds are already running short.

Big stickers, big decals and big labels offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising and signage for a number of reasons.


  • One, they are versatile marketing tools that can be used in conjunction with almost any large outdoor surface.
  • Two, they are significantly cheaper than traditional signage and advertising.
  • Three, they offer an innovative ‘out of the box’ approach to raising the profile of a business and attracting the attention of customers who might otherwise overlook a given product or service.

Just about any image or message that can be affixed to a large outdoor surface is a good candidate for high quality outdoor vinyl stickers. A construction company, for instance, might use a big sticker on a compressor or generator to advertise their business or logo. Or, an ecological landscaping company might use big decals on rainwater catchment barrels to take advantage of the attention these tanks tend to attract.

Whatever image or message you choose to display, if it can be mounted to a smooth outdoor surface, high-quality big stickers and big decals that will be visible at a distance are a cost-effective way to stand out and make your business known.

For retail businesses, large stickers can also offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional signage. Offering a comparable level of weatherproof durability and high-resolution, photographic quality, large decals tend to be significantly cheaper than signs and banners.


While traditional signage tends to run $11.00 to $15.00 per square foot, large decals can be made as inexpensively as $3.30 per square foot—can be affixed to virtually any smooth surface—and are often indistinguishable from traditional signage.

For all types of small businesses, large stickers tend to be more versatile than traditional print, radio and television advertising, and can be used in conjunction with trade-shows, home-shows, and other ‘in-person’ networking and presentation venues that drive sales in a more direct way.

One eye-catching option available for big stickers in any context is the contour cut. Contour cuts closely approximate the outline of your words, image or logo, helping it to stand out at a distance and add ‘pop’ to your message. Traditional die-cuts—such as ovals or rectangles—are also an attractive option.

How ever you choose to use big stickers, it’s important to choose a large decal printing company that uses only high-quality outdoor vinyl and inks. This helps to ensure that your weatherproof stickers will stand the test of time—as well as the elements, if you’re planning on using them outside— and remain as eye-catching in the years to come as the day they first arrive.




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