How to Remove Stickers From Your Car or Other Surfaces

How to Remove Stickers From Your Car or Other Surfaces

How to Remove Stickers From Your Car or Other Surfaces

We all love cool vinyl stickers and custom stickers. Stickers can make our cars, trucks and other toys seriously stand out from the crowd. They tout our passions, let others on the road know about us and our opinions, as well as make our cars look cooler than others! Despite that, even the coolest custom stickers will one day have to come off. Luckily for you here are a few simple solutions that you can use to remove vinyl stickers from your vehicle and other surfaces.

Scraping Away the Mess

Your first weapon in the fight against old custom stickers is your hand. Well, that and something to get the vinyl sticker’s corner up. For many newer vinyl graphics, you can simply use a tool to help you pull the sticker off with your fingers. Older stickers might be a bit harder, and want to come off in flakes. Try heating them up with a heat gun, blow dryer or parking your car in the sun before trying the scraping method on older vinyl stickers. This method, although not glamorous, is by far the cheapest and easiest solution out there.

Plastic Razor Blades

Remember how we mentioned tools to help you pull your stickers off? One of the simplest ways to get under the corner of a graphic you need to remove is to use plastic razor blades. These can be purchased online for no more than a few bucks. Just slide the edge up under the graphic and try to catch the edge in your fingers. Then pull up and back as you run the razor blade underneath the graphic. Be aware that this method might leave behind a bit of residue. We will talk about getting rid of this in a moment.

Other Products to Use

Another popular tool that is used in the same way as plastic razor blades is the Lil' Chizler. These tools are used by professionals to scrape things off cars and/or help with auto detailing work. In many cases you can buy these for no more than a few cents online. The Lil' Chizler is great because it can be used to remove vinyl stickers without leaving any scratches behind in the car’s surface. We highly recommend one of these if the custom stickers you are trying to remove are on the actual body of your vehicle.


Cleaning Leftover Residue

At this point, you will most likely have leftover adhesive residue on your vehicle. This does not matter if your vinyl stickers are new or old. Either way, it will be there. Even if you do not have this sort of vinyl on your car, never fear. Cleanup and removal of leftover adhesive residue from custom stickers is pretty simple. All you need is a bottle of soapy water, a bit of determination, and a paper towel or two. In no time you can be reapplying new graphics, leaving your car as it is, or giving your car a new paint job after just a few moments of clean up.


Call a Professional

If you planned to DIY your removal, we hope that this article has given you plenty of hints and tips about how to remove stickers yourself. But what if all this vinyl sticker removal talk seems intimidating to you? Well, if so, there is one final place you can turn: a professional. Just be sure that you understand that a professional will cost significantly more than removing the sticker yourself. It may also take a bit more time. Still, if this is your chosen route, simply call a local detailing or automotive paint shop to see what they can do.

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