How to Make Your Art Blog Tumblr Famous . . . with Stickers?

How to Make Your Art Blog Tumblr Famous . . . with Stickers?

Everyone knows that Tumblr is the ultimate source for fan art. If you’re a fan of something, you can find it on Tumblr faster than you can say “OTP”. For every fandom there are tons and tons of artists producing great (and not so great) fan art, so how can you make sure your art doesn’t get lost in the shuffle? A great way to get noticed is to bring you art to conventions. You may find, however, that it’s hard to peddle those beautiful 8 x 11 glossy prints. They might be expensive for you to make and not everyone has the room to display art. A cheaper and more portable way to get yourself out there is to make custom stickers.

Stickers are uniquely portable, much cheaper than prints and can be displayed anywhere Draw your favorite characters in your unique art style, place your URL somewhere noticeable with sacrificing the artistic quality of the piece, and make them into cute little stickers that are easily distributed at cons. . Fangirls (and boys) are fiercely loyal to their favorite characters and they would definitely love to stick their favorite characters all over everything they own. Merch can get extremely expensive, but with a sticker they can turn anything into fandom merch. After the con is over, people will definitely be sticking your art on the back of their laptops as they scroll through their new favorite art blog: yours.

If you've got a great design drawn out or just sitting in photoshop, we'd love to see it!

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