How to Create a Logo

How to Create a Logo

Understanding WHY to Create a Logo

As a business, it is imperative that you implement a sufficient marketing strategy. One component of this strategy is logo creation. A logo is essentially the identity of your business and it will be what your customers use to identify you as a corporation. Take a moment and think about the golden arches that McDonald’s uses, they are what makes McDonald’s, McDonald’s. A logo is meant to embody the entire presence of a company without even having to use words. With that being said, many companies have the tendency to pay less attention to learning how to create a logo and more attention to other aspects of marketing which could have incredibly detrimental effects.

Establishing Trust and Brand Identity


Considering that your logo will be the identifying feature of your business, it is also the thing that will give your customers a first impression of your company. Therefore you will want to ensure that you create a professional logo that is not only interesting but that helps to establish trust and create a brand identity. There is a fine line between horrible logo creation and positive logo creation, therefore it is imperative that you know what elements to pay attention to when learning how to create a logo.

Creating a Message

Before you even pick up a pencil or a pen to begin the logo creation process, you will want to determine what message you will want to convey to the general public. You can consider your company’s mission statement to help create an image that will accurately represent your company and what you offer. Here are some other tips that you can use to assist you with creating a message:

  • Take a look at your competitors and find out what type of logos they are using. Think about how you want to make your business logo different from theirs.
  • Consider the personality that you want your logo to have. Do you want it to be family-friendly or more serious? Who is your target audience and what would they like to see?
  • Functionality is key in logo creation. You will want a clear and concise logo that gets the point across in a specific tone. Also, make sure that it will be just as effective on the side of a truck as it would on a business card.
  • Think about your business name and how you want it conveyed. As an example, if you are a jeweler, you may want to consider using a fancier font than Times New Roman or Comic Sans.
  • Avoid using clipart at all costs as it can be quite detrimental to the overall appeal of your business. You will want to convey a professional and unique image to potential customers rather than a generic and traditional stock picture.
  • If you are looking to update your pre-existing logo, consider making small changes at a time rather than changing the entire logo at once as this causes the potential for confusing your customers.

Considering Colors


Colors are another incredibly important component to a logo and exploring all of the color options available to you can be quite advantageous. With that being said, you will want to consider finding a logo that uses minimal colors rather than all of the colors in the rainbow. Although you may have the option to use 6 colors, too many colors can be confusing to your customers. You will want your logo to stand out and be unique, but you will also want it to be effective without blinding passer-by’s. The more obnoxious that your logo is (in terms of color), the less likely people will be to visit your business.

There are a variety of factor to consider in terms of logo creation. Whether you are learning how to create a logo for the first time or if you are a veteran to the business, the above tips are imperative to ensure that you create a successful and impactful image.

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