Green Sticker Printing

Green Sticker Printing with Custome Sticker Makers
The truth about Printing Green and Protecting the Environment

While no vinyl outdoor bumper sticker is ever going to be truly green (a.k.a., biodegradable—since the purpose of the product itself is NOT to degrade too quickly), Custom Sticker Makers doesuse the most environmentally friendly inks on the market.

Large amounts of inks are used in the creation of custom stickers, and those inks have a real environmental impact—all the way from the way they are manufactured to how they affect the health of those who work with them, to the chemicals that they release as they do (eventually) degrade.

In today's printing industries there still isn't much green sticker printing, the production of harmful waste is big business. During the process of printing, volatile organic compounds (VOCs)--a by-product of petroleum-based inks, adhesives, laminates, and varnishes—are released. According to the EPA, VOCs affect air quality and create air pollution, increasing the risk of asthma attacks and other health issues.

While over 80% of all printers (including sticker printers) continue to use machines that produce large amounts of these harmful toxins, all CSM stickers are produced with a new, state-of-the-art technology that utilizes Eco-Solvent inks instead. These are inks that do not off-gas VOCs—not now, not ever. Furthermore, CSM doesn't just make Eco Solvent inks an option for those who are seeking a greener sticker. Eco Solvent inks are what CSM uses for every sticker, and for every order.CSM also strives to lessen its environmental footprint by:

  • Recycling all vinyl scrap from every order. (It is made into glue.)
  • Recycling all of our ink cartridges
  • Printing with a thin paper backing (As some printers use thick card stock backing)
  • Printing paper work on recycled and reusable paper.
  • Whenever possible, we work to meet all of our production and resource needs locally.
  • All of our packaging materials are reused.  (thereby reducing resource use and landfill waste)

In addition to conserving resources like vinyl, ink and paper by carefully planning each job, CSM keeps track of its total annual electrical usage and is implementing strategies for offsetting the overall environmental impact of our business upon the earth.Thanks for choosing the most eco-friendly high quality sticker on the market!

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