Digital Printing Vs. Screen Printing

Digital Printing Vs. Screen Printing

If you have ever ordered stickers in the past, you may have found that there are quite a few different types of products available on the market. From gloss to matte, clear to white, neon to metallic, the one thing these different types of stickers usually have in common is that they are either screen printed, or digitally printed. These two types of printing techniques are the most commonly used in the printing industry today.

Here at Custom Sticker Makers, one of the most frequently asked questions our team hears is “How do you keep your pricing so low, but provide such great stickers?” Well, the reason is because we ONLY print using digital printers.

You may be asking yourself why digital printing actually saves you money. It sounds quite a bit more high tech, so it should cost more, right? As you know, technology has been developed to make our lives easier, and improve the speed and efficiency in which we do things. While we all get frustrated at technology from time to time, it’s these advancements that allow us to bring you the highest quality stickers at the lowest prices, with the most flexibility in what can be produced.

Before digital printing technology was invented, screen printed, or ‘silk screened’ stickers were the status quo. While there are many benefits to screen printed stickers, there are many things that cannot be achieved with this type of printing, but can easily be done with a digital process.

Only digitally printed custom stickers can offer you the wide variety of options that we carry here at Custom Sticker Makers. It’s this technology that allows us to offer you the following things, and more!

  • Low minimum quantities
    • Our minimum quantity is only 50 stickers. Because screen printers have to create an actual ‘screen’ of your artwork, their minimum quantities are often in the hundreds, even thousands.
  • Full Color Printing
    • Custom Sticker Makers offers full color printing for one low price. We never charge extra for colors, no matter how many you want printed. Screen printing typically has a color limit, and usually charges extra for each color you want to add to your design.  
  • Photographic Quality
    • Because of our full color capabilities described above, you are able to print anything you want on stickers, including photographs!
  • Any Size, Any Shape!
    • Here at Custom Sticker Makers, we can print and cut virtually any size and any shape sticker you can dream up. Again, because we use digital technology (not just with printing, but with cutting too), there is no need for an actual ‘die’ to be created. We create your sticker shape on our computer, and this is what is cut by our cutting equipment. We do not charge extra for die cut stickers either, which means you pay the same low price no matter what shape you want your stickers to be! NO DIE CUT SET UP FEES, EVER!!!
  • Small Product Labels
    • Custom Sticker Makers is able to offer you kiss cut sticker sheets for small stickers and labels, as small as ¼” x ¼”! Most screen printed stickers have a minimum size of approximately 2” x 2”, and do not come on sheets for easy application.  
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Screen printing can be a very toxic process, and most workers involved in the screen printing industry are required to wear protective clothing and/or respirators. Here at Custom Sticker Makers, we use Eco Solvent inks, which do not put harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) back into our atmosphere. This keeps our team free from exposure to hazardous chemicals, and offers you a greener option for your sticker needs.

The customization and versatility of digitally printed stickers is why we only print using this amazing process. It allows us to get your stickers, labels or decals to you quickly, in the best possible quality and for the lowest prices around!



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  • It’s fascinating to know that before the development of digital printing, stickers that were screen printed or “silk screened” were the norm. Speaking of, I need printed tags for organizing and labeling items in my storage facility, allowing for easy identification and retrieval. To fulfill this need, I am currently seeking a screen printed decals service that can provide durable and customized tags to enhance organization and efficiency in managing my belongings.

    Taylor Abrams

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