Customer Profile: iRAWT Designs….Stickers so awesome, it’s scary

Customer Profile: iRAWT Designs….Stickers so awesome, it’s scary

The life long artist and creator of iRAWT designs, has been obsessed with the horror genre for most of his life.  From this obsession, came the creation of his first official sticker pack.  The "Horror Buddies" pack was inspired by some of his favorite horror movie characters, and his favorite collectibles from the 1980's - The Garbage Pail Kids.  The pack includes the following "buddy" characters - Seed of Buddy, Buddy Krueger, Frankenbuddy, Buddy Voorhees, and Hellraising Pinbuddy.


"Sticker making is a whole new adventure for me as an artist.  I'm absolutely loving every moment of it.  I intend on documenting my entire journey through my youtube channel and instagram.  My youtube channel features timelapse, or speed art videos of my creation process to make these stickers possible.  I'd love for anyone who's interested to come check it out, subscribe and follow me on my journey.  Anyone is welcome to stop by and give me feed back on the stickers, my art, or even ideas for sticker packs they'd like to see in the future!"

iRAWT designs artwork appeals to teenagers, skaters, collectors, street artists, garbage pail kid fans, gamers, graphic artists, and of course horror fans.  You can purchase your own "Horror Buddies" sticker pack at stick your horror buddies stickers wherever you wish, or, choose to keep them as a unique addition to your own horror collection!  You'll soon be able to add even more to that collection, because iRAWT is in the process of creating a second sticker pack, which will feature 5 unique zombie characters.  We can not wait to see what he comes up with next!

When asked why he chose CSM as his sticker maker, iRAWT replied "I Chose CSM because of the superior customer support that was provided. When I emailed CSM, I would get a response within a hour, whereas other companies could take 2 business days to respond to a simple email. There is also a phone number in case I needed to call.  Upon research I found that they had very reasonable and comparable prices to other sticker companies. They also offered orders of less than 250 count, which some companies do not.  In addition, the option of receiving a physical proof of your design in the mail before final prints is a must! Moving forward I will ALWAYS get a physical proof before final prints!" 

Since we NEVER charge a set up fee for custom die cut shapes, he was able to easily create his character stickers without paying hundreds of dollars in set up fees, and because we print in full color, his stickers came out with a print quality to die for.  They were definitely some of our favorite stickers to print this year!

If you're a horror fan, or just an all around fan of unique art, be sure to follow iRAWT and keep your eyes open for the next sticker pack to launch!

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