Black and White Designs Make Great Custom Stickers!

Black and White Designs Make Great Custom Stickers!

Full color printing always makes great stickers, but many of the designs that we see roll off of our printers each week are simply black and white, and can be some of the most appealing custom stickers around.  Why do black and white designs make such awesome stickers?

Nearly every visual technology began in black and white. From newspapers in the 1600's to photography in the 1800's to television in the first half of the 20th century.  As new technologies developed, all our visual media was doused in color.


So if color is a symbol of modernity, why is black and white still popular in art, photography, movies and television, and marketing and branding? There are a few fundamental reasons black and white is still relevant, especially when it comes to custom vinyl stickers.

Black and White Goes With Everything

Black and white stickers look good on everything. They can be placed in lockers, on cars, on skateboards, and on food and beverage labels. Black and white are the two most versatile colors out there, meaning they can work anywhere, regardless of a company's industry.


Balance & Simplicity

The Chinese philosophy of yin and yang are symbolized by a half circle of white wrapped into a half circle of black. It symbolizes contrasting forces, interdependency, and balance.

Any artist or graphic designer will tell you that a balance of colors is key to a good piece of artwork. They would also agree that simplicity can be much more visually powerful than complexity. Using the two most contrasting colors - black and white - not only balance one another, but the lack of other color ensures the art doesn't get too complicated.


Erin, at Custom Sticker Makers, says that too much color in a design can sometimes make it appear cartoonish. This is great for many companies, but not all. "We see tons of awesome full-color stickers come through," she says, "but some of the ones that I like the most, are black and white."

Easy to Read

Why do you think speed limit signs are always black on white? Black on white is easy to read, even at a distance. This can be an important factor for marketers, especially those who use outdoor advertising such as billboards, signs, and stickers.


It "Pops"

Black and white stickers are appealing to people. The contrast makes the design really "pop," and makes it graphically dynamic. Custom Sticker Makers' senior graphic designer says that because of the eye-catching nature of black and white stickers, it gives the most kick for your money.

Pages and pages could be written on the psychology of colors (in fact, they already have), and each color has it's own merit. However, the next time you're creating a new logo, design, sticker, decal, or label, or snapping that next photograph, consider trying it in black and white. What does it bring to the image? What does it take away? Black and white could be the new color.

To order your custom stickers, either in full color, or black and white, for the same low price, visit us at!

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