Apparel Companies: Creativity That Isn’t Limited To Clothing

Apparel Companies: Creativity That Isn’t Limited To Clothing

We were recently discussing what types of stickers we most commonly see roll through our shop day after day, year after year, and we noticed that apparel company stickers are probably one of the most frequently ordered type of stickers we produce.

Of course we love printing all kinds of stickers, for all different types of businesses, and virtually any application you can think of, but apparel company stickers have got to be some of our favorites!

Clothing designers are creative people, and what better way for them to promote their unique lines of threads than with awesome artwork printed on stickers that can be stuck just about anywhere?

The apparel companies we work with are creative, fun and provide some of the coolest artwork we see, and we love working with them!

Check out a few of the clothing companies we work with - add to your wardrobe and stick a sticker or two!!


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