A Climbers Dream: Touchstone Has It All!

A Climbers Dream: Touchstone Has It All!

Located in the Bay Area and throughout beautiful Northern California, you will find the largest indoor climbing company in the world, and they get their stickers from Custom Sticker Makers.


Touchstone Climbing and Fitness is an indoor rock climbing gym company, comprised of 9 unique locations. A true climber's delight, Touchstone offers bouldering, lead climbing, crack climbing, kids camps, summer camps, teen climbing programs, and for the fitness enthusiasts, they also offer CrossFit, Yoga, Boxing, Pilates and more.

Each of their 9 gyms has a different character, vibe, and layout, and their clients are more than proud to rep their home gym with stickers and apparel uniquely designed to promote their gym's theme. “People are always psyched that we offer stickers with their favorite gym, and we're psyched to see them all around town!” states Lauryn with Touchstone.


After trying a few different sticker companies, Touchstone decided to stick with Custom Sticker Makers for all of their sticker needs. Lauryn told us that “Ordering large quantities of products online is always a little daunting. What if they don't look right, or are a terrible quality?! It's SO refreshing that a real live person will always email me back to confirm my order right away, and make sure I'm getting exactly what I want. They've even suggested different cuts that have turned out to be extremely popular.”

Whether you are an experienced climber, new to bouldering, or just someone looking for a great work out, next time you are in Northern California, be sure to find the nearest Touchstone Climbing location near you……and pick up a sticker or two while you’re there!




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