New Orleans SUA -Support Urban Agriculture- Forges a New (old) Path

New Orleans SUA -Support Urban Agriculture- Forges a New (old) Path

Why SUA -Support Urban Agriculture- ?

Who among you believe that real, wholesome food is the key to preventative medicine and optimal health?

In a city whose cuisine is steeped in history and culture—and whose residents are overflowing with pride for all things local—there's no shortage of excitement for the ever-growing local food movement in New Orleans. Like the expanding population of today's aware and conscientious folk all over the world, New Orleanians highly value the importance of knowing where one's food comes from and how it's grown.

At Custom Sticker Makers, we're also big supporters of not only our own local food movement, but just as proud to play a part in the bigger picture as well. SUA -Support Urban Agriculture- ( is a food based co-op based in New Orleans, LA that supplies local and fresh weekly produce to an ever growing base of fans. They purchase their stickers for their clam shell and box packaging from Custom Sticker Makers and we, as their sticker supplier, couldn't be more pleased to play a small but important role in their ongoing marketing efforts.

Their mission statement most effectively conveys their values and resonates with the sentiment they hold most dear; "To collectively strengthen local food security and access through sustainable growing, buying, and selling practices that improve economic, environmental, and public health outcomes in our affected communities within a network of urban gardens and farms in New Orleans, Louisiana."

Well, we couldn't agree more as we believe too, that the best way to support and improve our economic, environmental and public health outcomes is to support our local farmers who, in turn, support our collective health and economy as a whole! By supporting SUA (Support Urban Agriculture), you too can make a difference in the lives of not only your own family but your local economy as well!

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