What's the Difference Between Kiss-Cut, Double-Cut & Cut-Out Stickers?

what's the difference between kiss-cut, double-cut and cut-out stickers? Custom Sticker Makers explains

After choosing the design you want on your sticker, the next important step is to choose the type of sticker you want to use. At Custom Sticker Makers, we can cut anything, from a circle or square to the funkiest of designs. But the shape of the sticker is different from how it’s stamped out of the sticker sheet. Besides a text sticker which is– you guessed it– a rectangular sticker with text on it, our other three main categories for sticker types are: kiss-cut, double-cut and cut-out.

Unless you’ve been in the sticker world in some way, the “official” sticker terms might sound unfamiliar. But if you’ve been around long enough and have used, bought or received a sticker at any point in your life, you’ve probably experienced each kind of sticker. So before you make a blind decision about your custom stickers, here’s a little more information on the different cuts, benefits of each, and things to consider when making your decision.

The Three Sticker Types:

Kiss-Cut Stickers: This process cuts through the top layer of a sticker without cutting through the paper that backs the sticker (the liner). All of the stickers in a kiss-cut order are the same and multiple stickers get printed on one page.

Double-Cut Stickers: This process makes it possible to print multiple stickers on one sheet. The stickers that fit on one sheet can vary in size, shape and design. Because of the way these are cut, the stickers are much easier to peel from their liners. The cost of double cut stickers is determined by the final dimensions of the sticker sheet, which varies based on customer selection.

Cut-Out Stickers: A cut-out sticker is created by cutting the sticker design through the backing. They are individually cut, so they don’t come on a large sheet. The shape of the sticker is the the shape of the liner.

How To Best Use Each Sticker Type:

Kiss Cut Stickers

custom sticker makers kiss cut stickers

Use kiss-cut stickers if: 

  • You’re going to be directly applying the sticker to a surface
  • You need stickers for labeling and organization.
  • You don’t plan to sell these stickers for promotional purposes

How to use kiss-cut stickers:

  • Adding barcodes to your products
  • Labeling a tincture bottle
  • Including a QR code sticker on a business card
  • Sealing a bag of homemade treats closed 


Double-Cut Stickers

custom sticker makers double cut stickers

Use double-cut stickers if:

  • Your designs are detailed and intricate
  • You need ultimate customization-many designs can fit on one sheet
  • Your design calls for easy peeling and precise application

How to use double-cut stickers:

  • Detailed product packaging (more than a simple logo sticker)
  • Unique decals for walls and personalized signage
  • Customizing product labels with unique designs with a cohesive feel


Cut-Out Stickers

custom sticker makers cut out stickers

Use cut-out stickers if:

  • You want individually cut stickers
  • You need a clean cut with no borders or backgrounds
  • You want to use stickers as promo items

How to use cut-out stickers:

  • Sell your custom logo stickers at your shop
  • Hand out your company’s stickers at a farmer’s market, coffee shop or other local gathering
  • Label desks, computers or lockers in your classroom
  • Jazz up the paper shopping bags your customers use with a unique sticker

Before you decide on what sticker cut type you want, consider these things:

Who? Who will be using your sticker? Are you placing them on your product containers or are these for other people to stick where they want?

What? What message or design do you want on this sticker? What look are you going for? Are these stickers going to be big and simple, or intricately designed?

Where? Where are you sticking these stickers? On a wall or desk? Or are these stickers being put on small jars or pouches?

How? How are you using these stickers? As informational or utilitarian stickers? Or do you want your stickers to be fun and flashy?

When you’re clear about what you want out of your sticker, let’s get started! The perfect sticker, whether it’s kiss-cut, double-cut or cut out, is just a few clicks away.

Creating custom stickers for you is what we do! If you need a little more guidance as to what sticker type you might need, let us know! We can help you decide what’s best for your needs.

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