What is Die-Cutting?

die cutting skull custom sticker image

There are a variety of different printing methods we use for our custom stickers, and we tailor the method depending on what will best suit the design. Die-cutting is a printing process used in a variety of different industries in order to cut whatever thin, flat material is being used into a specific shape using a steel cutting die. This can be for the purpose of cutting decorative shapes inside of the pattern or just for the outline of the design itself.

Tips and Advice

Die-cutting stickers can make them unique and stand out, however it is not the process that should be used for every design. Think about what kind of idea you’re going for with your sticker and think about whether die-cutting with enhance or distract from that. Certain minimal, small cuts can add a focal point and create a modern feeling. Elaborate, detailed die-cut outlines oppositely give a more vintage feeling. You can also use die-cutting for functional reasons instead of aesthetic ones like creating notches for finger holes or for the possibility of folding them into different shapes.

Whatever design you have in mind, at Custom Sticker Makers we’ll help you achieve it. We’ll work with you to create finalize a design choice and decide on optimal printing and cutting options to create the stickers that best suit your need. Learn more about our process at CustomStickerMakers.com.

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