Weed Business Stickers: Branding, Organization & More

baller jar weed label by custom sticker makers

Across the country, the marijuana industry is growing, and we’re here for it! Dispensaries are popping up left and right offering quality cannabis that is beautifully packaged. It’s exciting that these days people don’t have to hide their weed in little baggies in a jacket pocket and instead are getting their cannabis products in containers, jars, bottles and bags that are proudly labeled and designed to be seen!

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Unlike the neighborhood weed-dealer of the early 2000’s, dispensaries have to consider more than just their weed if they’re going to be successful. Part of this includes branding, packaging and marketing! At Custom Sticker Makers, we can create stickers for any cannabis product or store: from the tiniest weed jar label to a large branded wall-decal. We love creating custom stickers in general, but it’s extra fun for us to create stickers and labels for dispensaries. 

Here are some ways your dispensary can use Custom Sticker Makers to help with your branding, packaging, marketing and compliance:

Differentiate your brand. Your dispensary, your weed and your vibe is uniquely awesome. Make sure your current and future customers know it! With custom stickers you can put your unique logo on everything: stickers to sell, bumper stickers, wall decals, weed baggies and jars, tincture bottles, salve jars and more! No matter how funky your logo is and no matter what size you need it cut, our stickers are high quality every time.

Cost effective and fun marketing. There are so many ways to market your business, brand and product. Lots of them cost lots of money. With branded stickers and labels, not only are you creating a fun and interesting way to market your products with brand recognition, but we can almost guarantee this will be one of the cheaper forms of marketing you invest in.

Increase brand loyalty. Who doesn’t love a free sticker?! When you sell a product from your dispensary, no matter what it is– throw in a fun branded sticker for free. This way you’re giving your customers a little thank you AND an opportunity to do a bit of free marketing for you.

fun weed branding sticker

Inventory organization. If you’re running a dispensary, you’re going to need ways to track your inventory. Custom Sticker Makers can help you create custom barcode and other organizational labels for all of your products. We specialize in tiny stickers so we’re confident we can help create what you need.

THC percentages and ingredients lists. Make sure your customers know exactly what’s in the products they’re buying. Having professionally made labels for THC/CBD percentages, as well as ingredients lists for topical or edible cannabis products will help your customers choose their products based on their own needs and preferences.

cannabis & thc labeling stickers custom sticker makers

Legal compliance and disclaimers. Let us help you maintain legal compliance with warning labels, disclaimers and any other important information you need to put on your products.

At Custom Sticker Makers, we specialize in creating high-quality stickers and labels that are perfect for marketing your dispensary. From branding to labeling to promotions, we can help you create the exact sticker and vibe you’re looking for to help you stand out! You can start creating your totally customized cannabis labels and stickers right here with Custom Sticker Makers.

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