Ways To Use Stickers In Your Classroom

Ways To Use Stickers In Your Classroom

At Custom Sticker Makers, we’re all about helping folks create completely custom stickers for whatever they need.

Some of the stickers are basic, some are totally funky, some are utilitarian and every now and again we get a sticker order that piques our interest. The cool thing about being a custom sticker making company is that we get to see lots of different ideas and uses for the stickers we’re printing. Most recently we had a customer who was a school administrator who was creating a custom sticker sheet to give to the faculty of her school. Each of these stickers that the faculty had, contained smaller stickers that were meant to be given out individually to students to recognize hard work and great behavior.

Thumbs up school stickers

So that made us think..

How else can teachers or administrators use stickers in their classrooms?

We know that teachers are hard working individuals maintaining an organized classroom, fun-filled lesson plans, as well as expectations from parents and coworkers. For a smooth running classroom it helps to be organized, positive and fun. Here are some ways teachers can use stickers in their classrooms for organization, motivation, recognition, education and fun!

  • Use custom stickers to organize student supplies and materials

  • Create custom stickers to recognize and reward positive behaviors in the classroom, the playground and in the halls

  • Use custom stickers to track student progress, like a book challenge, mastering specific skills or reaching personal goals

  • Create fun, custom stickers to motivate and encourage students (we’re talking wayyy more personal and fun than the random smiley faces or stars you can get from Amazon). You can include your favorite catchphrase or funny face when you use Custom Sticker Makers

  • Use custom sticker makers to edit and label student work. Instead of writing “Redo” or “Neat handwriting” or “This looks awesome!” over and over on your students’ work, why not use a fun sticker instead?

  • Create custom stickers to help students identify important information: the alphabet or a number chart for the little kids, the Quadratic Equation, or a verb conjugation chart. Fun colors and prints will help this rote information be a bit more fun and memorable

  • Custom stickers can add a fun and creative element to classroom activities and assignments. Don’t spend any time making hand-made signs for book checkout spaces, homework return stations, etc– get it all on a custom made sticker!

  • Create a personalized class calendar with school events, important classroom dates, student birthdays and more!

  • Create fun and easy to read sticker signs for the walls to outline rules and expectations in the classroom

  • Use custom stickers to acknowledge and celebrate diversity & inclusivity in your classroom

  • Differentiate between different levels of achievement or progress like “beginning” vs. “mastered”

  • Use custom stickers to add a personal touch to the hard copy communication that gets shared with parents such as report cards or letters home

  • Share your school pride! Create a sticker that shows off your school's logo, mascot or slogan.

When you use Custom Sticker Makers to create custom classroom stickers, you’ll be helping to create a classroom community that is motivated, encouraged and organized. Adding stickers to anything automatically makes anything a bit more fun! No matter what size, quantity or funky shape, Custom Sticker Makers can help you create the ideal stickers for your classroom. Start your order here!

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