Tying the Knot with Customized Stickers

custom wedding stickers

When it comes to weddings, many guests will remember your wedding for three reasons: the vows, the cake, and the totally awesome wedding favors! Expressing your love for one another has never been easier with our custom stickers. We offer a wide selection of templates, sizes, and prices to fit any budget. We have curated a list of awesome wedding favors your guests will love that could feature our custom stickers.

  • A plastic bag full of ingredients to make s’mores! Our custom stickers would read: “Sending you S’more love from the happy couple!”
  • Personalized stickers on Tic Tacs that read: “Mint to be!”
  • A mini jar of popcorn kernels with a sticker that reads: “Thanks for popping by!”
  • Succulents planted in a pot with a sticker saying: “Let love grow!”
  • A personalized sticker on a bag of coffee that reads: “Grounds for celebration!
  • Mini bottles of alcohol with a sticker saying: “Take a shot, we tied the knot!”

When it comes to creating the perfect wedding favor that your guests will love, the possibilities are endless with our customized stickers. We offer double cut, cut out, kiss cut, and text stickers! Contact us at 800-313-5463 to start crafting your unique stickers today.

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