The American Gentleman Soap Co. – Labeled a “Better Shave”

The American Gentleman Soap Co

One of our favorite custom label customers, The American Gentleman Soap Co., formed in 2012 because "Chops" at Chops Barbershop, co-owner of their soap company, was going through so much soap with his hot lather face straight razor shaves that they wanted to see if they could make it themselves to save money, and make it BETTER.

After much testing, they came up with a Solid Shave Soap Formula and since expanded to Whipped Shave Cream (men's and women's), Hair Pomade, Mustache Wax, Bar soaps and Specialty, Custom Soaps.  They are currently working on Body Scrubs for women and facial hair products for guys with beards.  They use natural ingredients, organic whenever possible and have several scents to choose from.

Their soap is the "house" shave soap at Chops Barbershop in Harrisburg, PA
so local gentleman are able to 'test it out' before buying if they get a face or head shave.  As always, a straight razor neck shave is complimentary with each haircut, as well as a beer! --- NICE!!

The American Gentleman Soap Co. uses custom labels by CSM directly on their products and they also include some as "swag" with each item purchased.

"We are very proud of our logo custom drawn by artist Ryan Spahr
( ) and Custom Sticker Makers makes the best labels for the best price so we can order lots of them and in different sizes.  We especially like the fact that they are vinyl since our jars get wet when used." - American Gentlemen Soap Co.

American Gentleman say they use Custom Sticker Makers because:

  • "Best customer service - especially you, Erin! You've been so helpful and patient during the past when I've ordered."
  • Quality - "these are great looking, high quality stickers. We get a lot of compliments on how great they look."
  • Pricing - "best we've seen, especially on the web and for custom sizes."
  • "Turn around time is quick!"

American Gentleman Soap Co. has products available for purchase via Etsy at  - it is constantly being updated with new scents and products! We also have a page for the barber shop:

And lastly, a Facebook page for the soap at:

Next time you're in Harrisburg, PA, look up Chops and ask for a beer and close shave using The American Gentlemen Soap - a better shave.

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