Super-Vee: They rock our world!

Super-Vee: They rock our world!

Being innovative is what Super-Vee is all about when designing their Stratocaster tremolo bridge systems and tremolo parts for guitars. Their tremolo systems have revolutionized the music world. Guitarists have discovered what a difference a Super-Vee tremolo can make in taking their guitar to the next level of sound, performance, tune stability, and quality. Super-Vee's innovative design and function in their two tremolo systems, the Super-Vee and the Bladerunner, makes them the ultimate locking and non-locking systems on the market. It's a "Tone Engine" for your guitar!


The Super-Vee tremolo is a double-locking system that can be "dropped-in" meaning no permanent or destructive changes need to be made to the guitar. The patented "blade" technology and "drop-in" side locking nut ensures that no matter how many "dive-bombs" you play, the "zero-friction action" will keep your guitar in tune! 


The Bladerunner is a non-locking tremolo system that is the best on the market.  At, you can even custom order your Bladerunner by choosing your base, finish, mount, and bar. It is non-destructive to your guitar and keeps the classic Stratocaster look and feel. It also features "zero-friction action" to maintain tune and a positionable whammy bar. Wham!

At Custom Sticker, we get to work with some of the coolest companies out there and Super-Vee is one of them!  They include stickers in every shipment which is great advertising and brand awareness. They use Custom Sticker because of our "dependability, quality, and good pricing for quality of work."

Wham! Thanks Super-Vee!




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