Sticker Spotlight: Revelate Designs

Remember back in the '70s when outdoor equipment was made at a bare minimum; where women had to buy small men's hiking boots because there weren't any made for women; where the latest invention was using a plastic buckle instead of metal D-rings?

Neither do we.

That's because companies like Revelate Designs make outdoor adventuring easier than ever. Revelate Designs produces bike gear for rackless lightweight bikepacking (and more!). What's bikepacking, you ask? It's light weight multi-day trips on mountain bikes on technical trails. Basically like bike touring, except a lot more hardcore.

Revelate Designs' bags have been used to bike all over the world, from the Colorado Rockies down to Bolivia, from Italy all the way to Australia. It's high quality gear born from passion and experience on the trail.

Along with accessories like buckles, straps, and Pogies, Revelate also designs frame, handlebar, seat, and "cockpit" bags (made for easy reach). Starting from his basement, owner Eric Parsons, an avid cyclist, eventually turned his passion into a full-time gig by making lightweight, functional bags for cyclists everywhere, looking to push themselves farther without the added weight or bulk.

If you're going to be joining the Solvang Prelude in California (to prepare for the Solvang Century in March) or the Bell's Beer Iceman Cometh Challenge in Michigan in November, a couple of Revelate Designs bike bags are a must-have.

Revelate products are all made in the USA, including their stickers! Custom vinyl stickers play a large part in the company's branding and advertising. They are included in every order and given away at trade shows and conferences (including a recent one in Las Vegas). "People love stickers and it's fun seeing where they end up," says Eric.

Mr. Parsons found CSM online, but has never switched. "I was impressed with the quality and personal customer service I've received. Once I find a supplier that is personable and does good work I see no need to change!"

Learn more and order online or find a location near you at

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