Sticker Spotlight: Alter Ego

Hang Loose With Hawaii's Coolest Fashions

Looking for an interesting, unique new style? Alter Ego has what you're looking for with their original kid afro tees, and stickers printed by Custom Sticker Makers. He's a cute character, a tiny little guy with a giant afro. The best part is that the afro is filled with designs, patterns, and all sorts of creative ideas to make them the true 'alter egos' of the original design.

CUTE SHIRTS! My sisters and I fell in love with this place when we came to Oahu last month...I loved the shirts so much that I bought a total of 4 for myself.

-Angela T.


Creating Global Style

This lifestyle apparel company is making waves across the globe, especially in surfing communities like the California Coast and Japan. Based in Waikiki, Alter Ego ships their products to any country in the world, and has created their own international community of fans over the last 15 years.

Alter Ego has collaborated with some very famous brands like Volcom, Hurley, RVCA, HiLife, and most recently Hawaiian Island Creations. Each collaboration brings a fresh new take on their kid afro logo, making the shirts just as unique as the people wearing them.

Always a must stop when I go to Hawaii.  I love that little logo of theirs and their tees are definitely unique and great urban streetwear.

-Allysa H.


Alter Ego's Afro Stickers

Alter Ego sells packs of mini kid afro stickers, as well as individual larger ones. Each T-shirt purchase also comes with a custom vinyl sticker.

The Hawaii apparel company decided to use Custom Sticker Makers because of

  • The quality: the custom vinyl stickers are printed with UV resistant eco-solvent ink and won't fade or tear outdoors
  • The price: Let's face it - anything from the mainland is cheaper than island prices!

To check out more afro designs, stickers, and tees, go to

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