Southern Maryland Camaro Club: Expressing Their Passion With Stickers!

Southern Maryland Camaro Club: Expressing Their Passion With Stickers!


At Custom Sticker Makers, we get to make stickers not just for businesses, but for all kinds of interesting clubs and groups, too.  It's really great to see people come together to share their passion and Southern Maryland Camaro Club is all about sharing their love of the forever cool Camaro!

The Southern Maryland Camaro Club "is a place for any and all Camaro enthusiasts who want to participate in events and activities within a group of people who share a common interest and pride in Camaros in the Southern Maryland area.  If you like car shows, cruising and fun in the sun, this is the club for you."

With fifty members plus, these folks meet every Saturday in one or two places to enjoy their cars together.  They use their custom logo stickers to show their unity as a club at car shows and place it on the window and under the hood. Upcoming events are posted on the Southern Maryland Camaro Club Facebook page and many awesome pics of Camaros are shared for all to enjoy!

They chose Custom Sticker Makers to make their awesome die-cut logo stickers because of our "fast service and the proof was a great way to email members for approval and they were very pleased to see what the sticker would look like before we ordered it."

At CSM, not only can we give you a proof to approve so you know how your stickers will turn out, we also use top of the line printing and cutting technology so we can print and cut your sticker to virtually any size and shape! And there is no limit to how many colors you can use! Every sticker produced is printed with Eco Solvent, UV protected inks on high quality waterproof vinyl and are durable to be used outdoors on the car of your dreams or anywhere else you might want to express your passion!

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