Raise Your Voice About the Government Shutdown

Raise Your Voice About the Government Shutdown

Regardless of political affiliation (or lack thereof), Americans all around the country are feeling about the same thing about the government shutdown that's been dragging on for two weeks now: "This sucks."

In our Grand Canyon State, at least, a combination of state and private funds have been collected to reopen the national park that draws over 1 million visitors every season.

As grateful as we are about the little wins, we all still have a lot to say - to our congressmen and to our government at large. Let's face it, though, everyone's Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr feeds are filled with comments on the shutdown, so why not get creative in voicing your opinions, and put those comments on stickers?

Custom vinyl stickers and custom decals are the perfect way to tell the world what you've got to say. All of Custom Sticker Makers' vinyl stickers are custom and waterproof, making them the perfect sticker for any location/use.

Getting custom vinyl stickers isn't expensive, either. Custom Sticker Makers offers text only stickers, so you don't have be a graphic artist to say what you want.  You can pick your colors and font, and we'll make your print file for only $25.  With sticker orders starting as low as $35, it's a cheap way to say what you want to say! Don't waste this opportunity to raise your voice and take a stand.

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