New Templates Make Creating Custom Stickers EASY

csm custom sticker templates

While we specialize in creating die cut custom stickers at any size or shape, we also print many beautiful stickers with common shapes (square, circle, rectangle, oval) and sizes. If you need stickers in a standard shape or size please visit our Common Sizes/Templates page where you will find templates for over a dozen different common shapes and sizes. Our complimentary templates make setting up your artwork for printing as easy as 1-2-3!


Why use a template?

Templates are an easy way to make sure that your artwork meets our measurement requirements for printing, especially when you are planning on printing your stickers with a bleed (color to the edge of the sticker).

When you download our templates, you will have three options to choose from, depending on the graphic design program you are using.

When using either the png or the psd templates, be sure that your artwork is at least 300dpi at the final size you would like the stickers to be, and then place the artwork on the artwork layer in the layers panel. Your image will then be visible in the window of the template, allowing you to align it to your liking.

If you are using illustrator, simply open the ai template, and place your artwork on the artwork layer in the layers panel. Be sure to convert all of your fonts to outlines before saving and uploading your file to our order form.

Keep in mind that we can print any size and any shape, and if you have a custom size in mind for your stickers, and would like a template, just email us at, and we will create a custom template just for you!

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