Michigan natives show ‘Mitten Pride’ with custom stickers

Michigan natives show ‘Mitten Pride’ with custom stickers

Home state pride is common no matter where you live, however, the people of Michigan take it to the next level when it comes to the state in which they reside.  The evidence is apparent when you consider the number of 'mitten' stickers that have come through the shop in recent months...

The state of Michigan has the good fortune of being one of the most uniquely recognizable states in the union, so much so that many Michiganders refer to their home turf as 'The Mitten' because the silhouette loosely resembles the item that anyone who has spent a winter in Michigan would be quite familiar with. 'Mitten Pride' runs deep if you live in (or are formerly from) Michigan, with the locals and tourists alike adorning themselves as well as their vehicles and other belongings with Mitten regalia of all shapes and sizes.

We love printing custom stickers for anyone who wants to express pride in where they are from, it is indeed an honor to print such stickers for the people of the great state of Michigan! Whether promoting Michigan made products, advocating support for Michigan made businesses, telling the inspiring stories currently happening in the Great Lake State, or just showing that 'Mitten Pride', more Michigan stickers are sure to come!

Learn more about some of the folks printing stickers featuring the 'Mitten' and other Michigan related designs:

Exported From Michigan

# Michigan Beer

The Rocket

Caitlin's Granola

P.S. It's  Natural

At CustomStickerMakers.com, we love helping people express themselves whether it is for state pride, business, an event, public awareness, or personal use.  We can also create a custom design for you if you don't already have one! Express yourself with CSM!

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