Find Fun and Catchy Stickers In Our Etsy Shop

Find Fun and Catchy Stickers In Our Etsy Shop

Did you know we have an Etsy shop?!

Check It Out!

We’ve occupied the Etsy space for the better part of a decade, bringing our creative side to life. Our shop hosts 1000+ sticker varieties, catered to folks who are looking for bold statements, tiny beautiful artwork, or cute cartoons on a sticker.

Although Custom Sticker Makers specializes in, you guessed it, custom stickers– we know that sometimes folks are looking for a quick sticker to add to their collection. Whether it be for their car’s bumper, their laptop cover or somewhere else, our shop has a variety of stickers that are bound to fit their needs.

What You'll Find In Custom Sticker Makers' Etsy Shop: 

Cute and Funny Stickers

The Custom Sticker Makers Etsy shop has so many options when you just need something funny or cute to enhance your laptop case, mirror or sticker wall. Find cartoon animals, plants and more!

free hugs cactus sticker

Bumper Stickers

We have a fun collection of bumper stickers so you can share with the world what you’re passionate about (or angry about) one car ride at a time. From “Baby-On-Board” stickers to messages about peace, inclusivity and bad driving– our variety of bumper stickers will let the drivers around you know who you are and what you believe. 

sorry for driving so close in front of you

Prescott, AZ Stickers and Other Local Love

We love where we live— and we know that lots of other folks have their own hometown pride, too. Why not show it off with a sticker? We’re partial, so we’ve got a whole selection of Prescott, Arizona stickers, but you’ll also find various other city and state stickers in our Etsy collection. 

prescott, AZ stickers

Statement Stickers

Quickly let those around you (and close enough to read a sticker) know where you stand. Our statement stickers are meant to stand out and convey a message. Our shop has Pride stickers, BLM stickers, and others that demonstrate inclusivity and awareness. Find political stickers here and Pride stickers here!

love wins sticker


You can browse all of our Etsy store stickers here!

Our Materials

We use vinyl, and eco solvent ink– so your stickers are going to last a long time and not poison Mother Nature.

Folks On Etsy Love Us

According to our stats on Etsy– our average review for our stickers is 4.8 or higher! They love our high quality stickers, the variety they find in our shop, and our quick turnaround.

One reviewer said: “Great quality, fast shipping, worked great on my car!“ and another reviewer said “Hilarious, great quality and shipped fast“. 

Our Etsy shop is a whole lot of fun!

Find over 1000 individual stickers and specialized sticker bundles that are designed and printed in our Prescott, AZ sticker shop.

And if you’re looking for something a little more customized, head to our sticker shop website to create the exact sticker design you need with just a couple clicks.

Here are some of our favorite pre-made stickers:

Click on each to view it in our Etsy store!

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