FAQ About Stickers

FAQ about custom stickers

Whatever the reason may be that you’re purchasing custom stickers, many people have similar questions. For frequently asked questions about our unique processes and orders, you can refer to our FAQ page. However, sometimes the questions are more about stickers in general. For this reason, we’ve broken down a few common questions involving stickers and images to help answer any questions you may have before your purchase.

What does lamination do? This is an additional and optional extra step in the sticker making process. Lamination is an extra layer on the top surface of the sticker that helps protect it against scratches and light damage, increasing the sticker’s lifespan. Lamination can also alter the finish of the sticker, most commonly making it glossier.

What do DPI and PPI mean? Both of these acronyms refer to the resolution of images, however DPI (dots per inch) and PPI (pixels per inch) are two different things. PPI is used to describe the resolution, or clarity, on the screen. DPI is a printing term which describes the physical number of dots of ink printed.

What is vector/raster art? Raster and vector are both terms that refer to digital graphic files. Vector images are comprised of thin lines and curves. They are not compatible with many programs and are very commonly used for designing logos and other graphic designs. Raster images are composed of millions of pixels. They tend to have larger file sizes and are best used when working with photographs.

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