Customer Profile: The Elements Exchange

The Elements Exchange

Starting a new business is never an easy task, but the guys over at The Elements Exchange decided to think outside of the box and recently ordered up a batch of custom stickers from us. What are they doing with their new stickers you might ask?  They are using them as an incentive for people who donate $5 or more to their start-up.  Not only are their donors stoked with an awesome sticker design, but they get free advertising for their new business anytime one of their donors slaps that sticker somewhere for others to see!

The Elements Exchange is currently working on projects in Music, Digital Photography, Video Production, Graphic Design, Events and more....pretty much anything that targets their main market of Millenials who are also involved in the urban entertainment arts industry.  Their fans include creators, supporters and curators of contemporary-futuristic art and media, and they aim to inspire a forward thinking message to their target market and customer base.

The Elements Exchange chose Custom Sticker Makers to print their first batch of stickers because "CSM has a great website, that is easy to use.  In addition they have helpful, consistent, and professional customer service reps, who advise you on how to optimize your final product results.  Also, they are one of the few custom sticker printing companies that allows you to choose your own dimensions!".  We are thrilled that they chose us as their sticker printer, and hope to print many more stickers for them as they continue to grow!

If you have an idea for your own start up company, or are putting together a campaign on a platform such as Kick-Starter and need cost-effective and cool items to give to your donors, be sure to order your own custom stickers today! They are a great way to reward your fans and promote your business.....and you get to do both for a great price!

Follow the Elements Exchange and keep up to date on their various projects as they grow in 2015!

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