Custom Stickers: Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas that Stick

Custom Stickers: Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas that Stick

Are you looking for 'profitable' nonprofit fundraising ideas? This article outlines five innovative ways to put this low-cost investment to work in generating non-profit funds.

If there’s one thing nonprofit organizations are almost always in need of, it’s reliable sources of income rolling in through memberships, grants, events and donations. But part of the challenge involved with the yearly fundraising cycle lies not just in making your appeal, but in keeping it fresh and making it fun. One of the ideas that offers the most fundraising bang for your nonprofit buck is using custom stickers.


Custom stickers can be made to order with your name and logo and can include special slogans and catchphrases that help to build awareness of your charity in the community while raising much-needed funds. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Sell them

Custom stickers are an extremely inexpensive investment as far as fundraising products go, offering as much as 300% mark-up. Sell your organization’s custom stickers at fundraising events, at booths in fairs and festivals where you might be exhibiting, and anywhere your supporters, current or potential, might be gathered.

  1. Use them as a membership incentive

Have a spring membership drive? Use custom stickers as part of your thank-you for new members. Your supporters will appreciate the thoughtful gesture—while at the same time providing an opportunity for them to further advertise their support of your organization. Consider a design your supporters will be proud to show off: “I brake for the arts” for a kids’ art program, for example, or “Fish Lover” for a conservation organization benefiting a river. Change the concept each year to keep it fresh and encourage annual renewals.

  1. Honor your major donors

Have a multi-tiered donation platform with memorable or intriguing names? Honor your donors with a custom sticker designed in conjunction with a local artist as part of your overall thank-you package.

  1. Send them to foundation staff

Has your organization received grants for programs or services in the last year?  Consider adding the personal touch to your final reports and grant updates by including a few of your organization’s custom stickers, with a handwritten thank-you note for those foundation staff who have assisted in ministering your grant.

  1. Use them as incentives for filling out surveys

If your organization presents events or workshops, getting audience-members, supporters and/or participants to fill out surveys is one of the best ways to collect the kind of data that makes for strong foundation grants. Offering a free sticker as an incentive is an easy way to encourage this.

With a good working knowledge of nonprofit fundraising basics, custom stickers can be an important, low-cost tool in both raising funds and promoting the visibility of your cause in the community.

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