Creative Ways Our Customers Have Completely Customized Their Stickers

creative ways our customers have completely customized their stickers, from Custom Sticker Makers

It can be tricky to bring you sticker vision to life, but we’re here to help.

At Custom sticker Makers, we understand that every person and business is unique and that sometimes folks need a sticker that is customized in more ways than one. Luckily, we’re in the business of making sticker dreams come to life. No matter what you’re using the stickers for, we can help you create stickers that are beautifully branded, completely unique, and totally YOU.

Here are some of the general ways people like to use their custom stickers:

  • Marketing- a really fun and professional way to showcase a business’ brand and logo
  • Utilitarian- sometimes, stickers aren’t all that funky or pretty, but need to be extremely specific and highly customized
  • Company use- some of our customers have used stickers internally at their company for organization, recognition and as incentives
  • A sticker sheet- multiple different sticker sizes and shapes all fitting on one sheet
  • And more!

Here Are Some Unique Sticker Examples From Our Customers:

“Over Easy Eggs and Peeling”

An even better way to make a die-cut sticker:

This sticker was made for a unique breakfast spot in New Orleans. This sticker could have just as easily been a regular die-cut (or cut-out) sticker, but this customer wanted to make this funky shape easy to peel and stick. This sticker is equipped with an extra border which serves as a lip to make peeling this design easier. We offer this in place of a back-slit (we don’t like them and we don’t use them). The pink line is the actual sticker border once the sticker has been placed while the yellow line is showing where the lip will be for easy peeling.


wakin bakin double cut sticker

“Thumbs Up For Custom Sticker Sheets”

A sticker sheet with creative little stickers and guidelines for use:

A school administrator created a custom sticker sheet with specific dimensions with small, specific stickers contained inside of it. The sticker sheets will be handed out to the other teachers and administrators of their school, who will then hand out the individual small stickers to different students for different reasons, ie: participation, performance, achieving goals, etc. Along with the individual stickers, each custom sticker sheet came with basic directions and guidelines.


thumbs up double-cut stickers

“Parking Your Sticker”

A custom sticker that contains a specific amount of stickers, branding and directions:

Some folks come to us because they have a very specific idea on how they want their sticker presented. It might be used within their business or organization and not only does it need to have specific directions for individual use, but the customer also wants a clean, branded and uniform look. One customer came to us when they needed a sticker design that was going to be used for its residents’ parking passes. Not only did the design need to have the sticker with the useful information for the parking pass itself, but the outer part of the sticker that was going to be discarded needed to have directions on it as well as branding. We’re not exactly sure if it was the client’s employees who would be following the directions and doing the sticking, or if it was up to the residents– but either way, the sticker needed to have clear, easy to read instructions. This unique cut can save our customers time and energy– rather than printing out specific directions and making sure each person getting a new sticker also has the proper information, the directions are right there on the sticker for ease of use!

indian hill pass double-cut sticker


“The Same Sticker But Not Really”

A kiss-cut sticker sheet with slight variations:

We recommend a custom sticker sheet for folks who are looking for a kiss-cut sticker sheet but need subtle variations amongst the stickers. This is an ideal way to get multiple kiss-cut stickers while being cost effective. This specific client needed generally the same size sticker repeated on a sticker sheet, but the content within each sticker varies slightly. This customer didn’t need 50 of the exact same sticker. Ordering a plain kiss-cut for each type of sticker shown on this sheet would have been way more expensive and probably more wasteful. With a custom sticker sheet, they were able to order the exact amount of the exact style of sticker they needed.

utilitarian double-cut stickers

“Instrumental Stickers”

A sticker sheet where each sticker is an obvious part of the whole:

This customer needed these stickers for their string instruments. As you can see, there is a lot of variety within this sticker sheet yet each sticker is necessary to complete the whole design. Whoever is on the receiving end of this sticker will have everything they need to complete their project on one customized sticker sheet.

custom sticker sheet with cello parts by custom sticker makers

With a custom sticker from Custom Sticker Makers:

  • There are more opportunities to print with variety within a single sheet

  • Your sticker can be easy to peel no matter how funky it is

  • You’ll be able to share your message, intention and sticker directions clearly

Our business is in helping you create custom stickers that fit your needs no matter what they are. Some of our customers come to us and know EXACTLY what they want, while some have just an idea and we talk it through to make the idea a reality! Get started with your custom stickers, and if you need some guidance, an idea, or a little help– let us know!

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