Chalk It Up Prescott 2017

Chalk It Up Prescott 2017

As artists, it's easy to get stuck in a rut with our production and process of creating. That's why it's so important to stretch the limits of what you feel comfortable with in your art and in your process.

That's exactly what happened this year at Chalk It Up Prescott. Artists from all over the quad cities came to get their art down on pavement and completely filled up the National Bank of Arizona parking lot with beautiful designs of all kinds.

So What Is Chalk It Up Prescott Anyway?

It's a celebration of art! Technically it's a family friendly event intended to foster and support the creativity in people of all ages and abilities... But we tend to see it as a festival of color and creative expression. That's really why we support it. We feel that creative expression is the cornerstone of a healthy community, and that's why we participate so heavily in events like Chalk It Up!

We've been sponsoring this celebration of art for a long time, and every year we're excited and encouraged to see all the incredible talent of those who come to create. Even guest artists like BLANK came out to support the spread of creativity into Prescott.

If you missed it this year, don't worry. Chalk It Up comes to Prescott annually. If you were there and you got a great photo of your artwork, we'd like to invite you to make the art you created a permanent piece of creative expression!

If you snapped a high-quality shot of your artwork this year, email us and we'll proudly print your design as a high-quality vinyl sticker. Check out the gallery below to see some highlights of the artistic expression that we captured this year.

For more information about future events, please visit the Chalk it Up website or visit their Facebook page

Can't wait to see you next year!

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