Banzai Vapors: Let the vapor rise!

Banzai Vapors: Let the vapor rise!

Banzai Vapors, a Custom Sticker Makers client, is an e-juice company out of Tacoma, Washington started by two friends, Brandon Beauchesne and Joseph Howe.  Both were heavy cigarette smokers who came to the decision it was time to quit. After trying numerous alternatives, they found that the newer version of electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, had come a long way since first being introduced in the US in 2007. E-cigs are non-flammable devices that do not actually contain tobacco but rather a flavored liquid nicotine, called e-juice, that is heated up and inhaled through vapor and eliminates the undesirable components of traditional smoking. Brandon and Joseph started Banzai Vapors to create their own version of e-juice without the dyes and additives that other companies use.


"We mix flavor extracts with other ingredients to create a superior fusion of flavors that satisfies nicotine cravings while eliminating the threat of consuming tar and other hazardous chemicals." Banzai Vapors' fleet of e-juice flavor favorites include the very popular 'Chocolate Chimp' and 'Sensai's Stash' and they are always coming up with new flavors to try! Their latest being 'Twinkin of You' that pays homage to the now extinct Twinkie.

But don't ask for a traditional cigarette smoke flavor. They say the first instinct of smokers looking for an alternative is to find something that tastes the same as a regular cigarette.  but "why try to find a flavor that tastes like arsenic and burnt paper when we can have a rich tobacco flavor with caramel and vanilla?" Once introduced to the many amazing flavor options, people don't look back. Banzai Vapors tobacco flavored varieties are 'Ronin's Reserve' which has vanilla and carmel, 'Scorpion' which has hints of honey, and 'Subzero' which is tobacco and menthol blend. Vaping takes smoking to the next level and why not enjoy something that actually tastes good! To check out all their e-juice flavors, click here!

Another cool company that we get to create custom labels for, Banzai Vapors told us "we choose to use Custom Sticker Makers as a supplier because the quality of their labels is outstanding, the customer service team is 100% helpful, and their consistency of excellence has always been true. Every print that we receive from Custom Sticker Makers has a crisp, vivid image. Whenever we've made an error on our labels the Custom Sticker Makers' team promptly contacts us back and let's us know what issues we may be experiencing. We can rely on them to create a quality product each and every time; this faith is worth thousands of dollars and we wouldn't trust any other company with this responsibility."

If you need a quality product label to rise to the occasion, contact Custom Sticker Makers! Thanks Banzai Vapors!

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