Band Sticker Makers

custom sticker makers make band stickers.

Looking to build your band’s following? You can always staple ads on light posts or put postcards in mailboxes, but there’s a better, more effective and affordable way to promote your band. We're your go-to band sticker makers!

Why not stickers? When you print custom stickers and stick them somewhere, you can capture the attention of a growing number of audience members who would be thrilled to hear the kind of music you put out there. You can use these custom stickers in all sorts of fun and creative ways. Consider the following:

Stick them in bathrooms and walls at various venues. Whether it’s the hipster bar, the trendy coffee shop, or the popular hot dog stand, placing your stickers in these locations can easily grab peoples’ attention.

Slap a sticker on every band member’s guitar and instrument case. This will not only make it easier to keep tabs on which instrument is whose, it also works wonders at making it easy for your audience to see it and take notice.

Along with cash, tip with stickers. When you’re paying your tab at your local bar, submit a sticker with your band’s information along with your cash. Places like these are typically visited by a younger crowd who would be open to seeing your band in action.

Hand them out when people buy your CDs. Everyone likes getting an unexpected bonus when they purchase an item, even if it’s something as small as a sticker.

Get your band’s name out there with customized stickers!

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