Art Car Agency: Artistic Expression With Mobile Art!

Art Car Agency: Artistic Expression With Mobile Art!

We love all forms of artistic expression! Art Car Agency, one of our clients at Custom Sticker Makers,  has such an amazingly unique site which showcases and represents art cars from all over the USA and world that we wanted to share it with you!


Looking through the huge array of decorated cars, buses, and motorcycles is both fascinating, inspiring, and jaw dropping.

Each with a theme, some unbelievable in detail, some in concept, some in simplicity, and all amazingly creative. Art Car Agency creator, photographer, filmmaker, and himself a mobile artist, Harrod Blank made an award winning documentary called 'Automorphosis' which gives insight to these wonderfully expressive artists and their mobile art.

The themes are vast...from a car covered in dolls to a homage to Mondrian...anything is possible when looking through the Art Car Agency gallery. It is worth the time to take a gander at these mobile art forms to see the creativity that these artists put into their works of art. They will make you smile!

Harrod Blank says that "custom stickers are ideal when you are promoting cars" and "bumper stickers make for great advertising." At Custom Sticker Makers, we couldn't agree more! And our outdoor waterproof vinyl and special UV protected inks make them last. We love empowering expression through stickers and working with cool artistic companies like Art Car Agency! Keep on rolling!

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