5 Incredible Candle Label Designs To Set The Holiday Mood


Raise your hand if you’re a candle junkie! Candles can set the tone for the entire holiday season. They bring warmth, evoke good vibes and set the mood for a special time of year.

So we decided to put together a list of our favorite candle label designs that make us think of our favorite thanksgiving, Christmas and winter memories.


Sweetwater Decor - Mulled Cider
Mulled Cider brings so many wonderful feelings of warmth and tradition, and this label creates a clean and simple experience that fits nicely in the fall time.

Stony Brook Candle Company - Thanksgiving
Ever thought about marking the evening with special party favors at your Thanksgiving feast? Bring the family together with these fun custom designed thanksgiving feast candles!

A to Z Candles - Merry Christmas
Candles make the best gifts--especially so when you add a personal touch! These candle labels are a fun idea, especially during the holidays when you need a unique gift idea that will hit it out of the park.


Starfield Candle Co. - Warm Winter Wishes
Nothing says warm winter wishes like a beautiful candle adding fragrant aroma to your home. That’s exactly what these beautifully designed candles add during the Christmas season.


Wicksy Business - Christmas Hearth
A Christmas hearth is the warmest kind of all! These beautiful yule-tide candles make a wonderful addition to any Christmas hearth by adding warmth and luscious fragrance.


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