Waterproof Bath & Body Labels…Make It Stick!

Waterproof Bath & Body Labels…Make It Stick!

If you're looking for custom waterproof bath & body labels, here at Custom Sticker Makers, we take pride in making labels that stay on and last. Have you ever had a label fade or peel off before the product was even finished? Left with sludgy glue that keeps on giving but no product info left to remind you what's inside? Well, not with our labels! We make custom, waterproof die-cut bath and body labels for all types of products that are waterproof, durable and stay on!

We work with some really unique bath and body companies that were started by passionate individuals using premium ingredients to make interesting products. Like ReNewell Body Care, a line of all natural ingredients, who make cool items like bubble bricks, bath bombs, dead sea salt scrubs, lotions, whipped body butters and more. They revitalize with an incredible variety of scents like 'Vanilla Cupcake' and "Champagne Pear'.... Yum!

To appeal to the gamers and geeks, Chrystal Doucette came up with Digital Soaps which is a line of hand-poured glycerin soaps that are packaged in video game cartridges, vintage controllers, disks, and other sentimental electronic devices with fun, custom labels that reflect the genre and don't slip off! They are very popular with the techie subculture and have been featured all over the world. Get your game on...literally!

Then there is the ultra unusual and hilarious company duo called Dippy LuLu & Lippy DuDu. Try saying that ten times fast! Dippy LuLu features custom matchboxes made for the bathroom, like 'Got Fart' and 'Mary Poopins', gag gifts, and more...all oozing silly fun parodies on their custom die-cut labels. Lippy DuDu is their newest line featuring bathroom sprays, lip scrubs, butters, and balms like 'Shut Up and Kiss Me' and 'Loose Lips Might Sink Ships'. Quality products that make you smile...love it!

Want the best shave possible? Try The American Gentleman Soap Company started by Chops and Ashley "Soaperstar".  These homemade shaving soaps, lathers, creams, moustache waxes, beard butters, scrubs, and more, were born out of Chops Barbershop in historic Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They use all organic ingredients and most their products are vegan too! Their labels are vintage cool and, like all our labels, they stay on! These companies sell through their own stores or local merchants as well as using the uber cool Etsy site to sell their products worldwide. Etsy is a marketplace for handmade and unique items of all types and a great place for companies and individuals to sell their wares.  If you have a product you want to make, just do it! Today, it is easier than ever for individuals and small companies to grow their businesses and sell online through sites like Etsy. And you can get your quality custom labels from us...made right here in the U.S.A!

Just like the premium ingredients they use, these companies want premium labels for their packaging and, at Custom Sticker Makers, this doesn't mean premium prices. We are here to make your product exude quality with waterproof and durable custom die-cut labels that last.  Express yourself and your company with CSM and make it stick!

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